Research on dolphins provides valuable information about this breed which differentiates it from other fishes. This article is about the dolphin behavior. Some of the interesting facts are going to be discussed in the post read carefully till the end to know more about dolphins.

 Years ago people are afraid of medium to large size fishes that as the time passed we know some species are not dangerous and are friendly like dolphins. People like to play with dolphins, in fact, some training centers give training on how to better communicate with these beautiful dolphins.

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ACTIVE BREED: Most of the dolphins became active for 24 hours but this also depends upon several factors like the conditions of their habitat, quantity of healthy food, type of water etc. Morning and afternoon is the time when chances of meeting a dolphin are high as they are highly active in this part of the day.

TRAVELING THE SEA: Dolphins normally travel in one direction in a straightforward manner. This means they travel in almost straight direction as fast speed. They like to travel in a group but it does not mean they cannot travel alone. While traveling they often come to the surface to save energy which they lose due to the friction caused by the opposing water.

FEEDING: They do hunting alone or in a group. In a group, they need to do less in order to catch the large quantity of food. But there an unusual thing about dolphins they throw out the food when they a cough. They alike to other fishes but are friendly to human actually they are not afraid of humans they know we are their friends.

 PLAYFULL BREED: They like to play all the day and this is the reason they have good behavior genes. They can jump 4.9 meters above the water level which is a very big thing for this size of fish. They like to play chasing one another, use different object and pass them to others this trick can be easily seen in dolphin shows. Dolphins are the most intelligent fish species found on the planet earth. You can train them to do what you want them to do like playing football in water, making sounds when people are around them, jump above the water etc. It is nice to play with dolphins they reduce your stress an give happy- joyful moments by their actions.